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Friday, April 13, 2012

Planning for Florescent T12 Lamp Phase Out

More than 500 million T12 fluorescent bulbs are still in use throughout the U.S., but by July 2012, manufacturers will cease producing most of these products. As with many incandescent lamps, the T12 fluorescent – with a design that hasn't changed significantly since 1938 do not meet current energy-efficiency standards.

The first choice is to maintain the existing fixtures and retrofit them with florescent T8 ballasts lamps. Choosing this option will provide environmental and economic benefits since T8 lamps contain less mercury than T12 lamps and offer longer life. Their light output also does not degrade as much over time than less-efficient T12 lamps.

On the surface, a one-for-one T8 retrofit may seem the least expensive approach, however new fixtures designed for T8 technology may provide better light optics a comparable overall cost, especially when energy savings are factored into the equation. Read More

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