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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Protect Your Valueable Electronic Equipment with Surge Protection

Chances are your home and its contents are not protected from lightning & surges. Most wait until it is to late and they have suffered a loss before they consider a Whole House Surge Suppressor, waiting until you have lost appliances and sensitive electronic equipment that costs thousands of dollars is to late, The cost of protecting your home is far less than your potential loss.
With Energy usage on the rise, and the number of electronics in the home increasing rapidly, now is the time to start conserving energy and protecting these investments with a clean power system. SteadyPower provides a cost-effective, single-installation way to protect the entire home from electrical surges and spikes while conditioning incoming electricity to optimize power factor and reduce static-causing line noise.
Typical residential and light commercial power sources allow hundreds of spikes and surges each day to reach valuable electronic equipment in the home. While these voltage spikes come from many sources (power fluctuations, lightning, static electricity, etc), all can cause damage to televisions, stereos, computers, security systems, and other costly electronics. In the event of a surge or spike which enters the home through the main line, SteadyPower is designed to cut off the flow of electricity and block the surge, keeping damage to appliances and electronics to a minimum.
SteadyPower connects directly to your main circuit breaker box and immediately begins helping to prolong the life span and efficiency of appliances and electronic equipment throughout your entire electrical system. Steady Power comes with a Limited 10 year, $25,000 warranty.
*SteadyPower must be installed by a licensed qualified electrical contractor.