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Sunday, March 21, 2010

LED Light bulb vs CFL Light bulb

Incandescent Light bulbs are slowly being phased out of our lives and are scheduled to totally disappear in 2012. It is of course environmentally important to gradually phase out the use of high energy consuming products. One of those products will soon be the standard incandescent light bulb we all have grown accustomed to.

We all have come to readily recognize the most common alternative, the CFL light bulb, but they have become plagued with disposal problems. Fortunately, as progress marches on, so does the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of LED light bulb technology.

Now that manufacturers have figured out how to 'cluster' the LED's to improve the quality of the focused light beam, they are becoming more advanced and not so cost-prohibitive. To compare the cost of the incandescent bulb, CFL light bulb and the LED light bulb, the folks over at Eartheasy.com have posted a great comparison chart.

There are a miriad of LED fixture and lamp options available with more beind developed on a regular basis. Virtually any light fixture can be replaced with LED for better light and infinitely more life in both your home and business.

Check out the comparison chart at Eartheasy.com for excellent information on the value of CFL light bulbs vs LED light bulbs. Even at a slightly higher cost up front, LED light bulbs overall, appear to be the long-term winner.

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